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The Oaks is a psychological practice which specialises in the assessment and treatment of a range of emotional, behavioural and cognitive difficulties. Psychologists at The Oaks provide high quality psychological and counselling services to clients from diverse backgrounds. The practice is serviced by experienced bicultural/multilingual professionals.

The Oaks is managed by Dr Thai Ohtsuka.

History of The Oaks

The Oaks at 99 Gordon Street, is a large 19th century stone and brick Victorian villa built in 1890 for William Drayton (1885-1891), owner of a successful bolt and nut manufacturing business. It was named after the distinctive pair of large English Oak trees beautifully situated within the front of the garden. The house and two English oaks are considered to be a historically significant heritage to the City of Maribyrnong for its maturity, unique symmetrical placement, architectural and aesthetic nature.

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